Emergency Services

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Emergency & Health Services

For Emergencies, please dial 911.


Tri Lake Health Centre - 86 Ellis Dr, Killarney MB                     204-523-3201

Lorne Memorial Hospital – 9 2nd Street  Swan Lake MB        204-836-2132

Notre Dame Hospital – 283 Notre Dame Avenue  Notre Dame de Lourdes MB      



Ambulance protection is provided by the Regional Health Authority located in Killarney/Carberry/Swan Lake

Health Clinics

Killarney Medical Clinic                       204-523-4609

Swan Lake – 9 2nd Street                   204-836-2533

Notre Dame – 44 Rodgers Street      204-248-2252

Somerset – 1 Somerset Place            204-744-2265

Fire Departments

Baldur Argyle Fire Department – Mark Everett (Fire Chief)


Killarney Detachment       204-523-7293

During normal business hours, routine and administrative inquiries should be made to the administrative numbers listed above.

After normal business hours and on weekends and holidays, your telephone call to the number listed will be automatically directed to a Central RCMP Dispatch facility.

Only Complaints or other Urgent Requests for the RCMP should be made during these times.

EMO (Emergency Measures Organization) Get Prepared

Responsible for updating and maintaining the RM of Argyle Emergency Plan in case a state of emergency is declared.